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I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf - and on behalf of your clients. The efforts you've put in justify the fees a staffing agency charges an employer. You have a large number of incompetent competitors out there, and they try to skim the cream without doing the work. I've been contacted by two who've been particularly inept. The worst was a woman who asked questions that could easily have been answered by taking the time to actually read my resume. She then insisted that I come interview with her at her office. I'm afraid I was a little short with her as she wanted something for nothing, and was rude about it to boot. The only problem with your outstanding performance is that now I'll judge recruiters by your standard. From what I've seen, the vast majority won't measure up. You've changed my previously fixed opinion that recruiters (and HR managers) are pretty much worthless. Thank you for changing my mind, and thanks for being such an outstanding professional. Regardless of how things turn out, I very much appreciate your efforts, and what you've taught me.
Best and warmest regards,
James D.

I want to pay you a compliment that I think you do a great job. I did have very low expectations based on prior bad experiences with recruiters but I was completely surprised at how professionally you conduct your business. I was also pleasantly surprised at how you have been able to understand what I do and where I might be able to apply those skills. You guys rock.

Elena, I can honestly say, I haven't felt more comfortable about a career decision move than I have with this one. It has provided a much needed challenge for me and I am enthused about the opportunity this position offers. Thanks for all your help!
Procurement Manager

Dear Mike,
I was great talking with you regarding possible career opportunities for me Friday morning. I do know for a fact that Qualitec Consulting Group, LP has a good reputation for customer satisfaction. I have faith that our relationship is good and believe that it can be mutually beneficial. What you said on your letter is true about taping on one's shoulder, I wish I had time to look at the job market more often to have an idea, and evaluate my present job and also keep myself up-to-date with this changing world. I do appreciate the fact that you are approaching me because my qualifications and the potential of a good job offer. Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to meeting with you personally in the near future.
Most Truly,

Eileen Cagle
Mike Vineyard
Qualitec Consulting Group, LP
11511 Katy Freeway, Suite 285
TX 77079

Dear Folks,
Thank you very much for Qualitec's assistance during my employment transition from Emcore to (client). The level of service from Qualitec's staff was excellent and personally tailored to individual's needs from the initial consulting meeting to follow-up interviews and offers I very much appreciated your unbiased insight addressing various career and industry questions. The personal invitation to approach Qualitec with such questions had great meaning.

As you know, my residency in New Jersey was short, but I am looking forward to my new career with (client) in Tucson, Arizona. They are a growing company addressing a diverse market with high-end manufacturing equipment. As Project Manager, I will be responsible for various accounts, backed by an excellent team of committed management. Tucson offers a small metropolitan city with much lower cost of living in a beautiful environment. I will keep in touch in the future and inform how things are going.

Mike Vineyard
QUALITEC® Consulting Group, Inc.
11511 Katy Freeway Suite 285
Texas 77079

Thank you for the opportunity that you made available to me regarding the position of Quality Manager with (client) at their Huntsville Facility. The professional etiquette and representation of your client was an energy emitting resonance that was felt by me as an interviewee. Mike, the following points were manifested during our phone conversations and meetings:

  • Professional Attitude
  • Personal Presentation
  • Responsive to questions presented with answers being timely
  • Motivation techniques

Each of the above listed points enforces your dedication to your profession. Qualitec is privileged to have a person that represents them as you have. Again, thank you for the opportunity you have given me and the help you have been.

Senior R&D Engineer

Mr. Mike Vineyard
15810 Park Ten Place, Suite 255
Houston TX 77084

Thank you again for your assistance in acquiring my position. I am sure it is difficult to truly work in the best interest of two parties at once, but I believe your work has achieved that end. I must admit that I have never been a big fan of working through a career placement professional, but my views have now completely changed. Unlike a prior experience where a recruiter placed most of the burden of search on me, you set to work immediately in a very effective manner. You never gave me the feeling I was being over sold, and the things you said would happen were right on target. I wish you the best in placing others in careers that will benefit them and their families. I would recommend to anyone that they place their trust in your knowledge and professionalism.
Best Regards,

Dear Mr. Vineyard:
I am writing to let you know that my new job has turned out to be a great move for me. I can verify that all of the positive things you told me about the position and company are true. I also know very well that these positive aspects cannot be taken for granted. The job you placed me in is better than my previous job in every respect. Thank you for your honesty and for helping me. Your interviewing advice was very helpful I have and will continue to recommend Qualitec to people who deserve a better job because I now know of your abilities. I am much better off now!

This brief note is an expression of my sincerest Thanks' for your work in supporting my job search and subsequent placement as a Systems Engineer with your client). Our PDM (Product Data Management) project is rapidly progressing and keeping me extremely busy, hence this note coming later than originally intended. I especially appreciated your professional, frank, and realistic approach to my job search. In particular - you took the time and effort to get to know me - what I had done and what I could do. This was indeed a 'breath of fresh air' difference from the other recruiters I dealt with - who all too frequently were only interested in getting a resume and shopping it around. The 1999 Houston job market was none too healthy, particularly for those with oilfield backgrounds. Your confidence in my ability to transfer my diverse experience and skills to other business sectors was the key to my job search success. Your perseverance, dedication, and personal commitment distinguish and set you apart from your peers, which is why I very much look forward to working with you again.

Attn.: Mike Vineyard

Mr. Vineyard,
I am now happily settling in at my new position as Senior Design Engineer at (client). All is going well and I am sure that I will fill all of their expectations of me. I look forward to seeing you the next time you are at (client). I want to thank you for helping me find this employment opportunity. You were very helpful, informative, and straightforward through out the entire process. I worked with several employment agencies while looking for a new job. The quality and professionalism of your work made my experience with you superior to the others. I highly recommend your services and will be willing to act as a reference, if needed.

I just wanted to extend a word of gratitude for the service that you have given me. I have dealt with several recruiters over the last few years and found that most if not all are concerned about placing someone in a position. Not particularly concerned with their ability to function within the companies and departments group. I've been on the job for two days and believe that you have made a good connection between (client) and Jon Clark. Your personal attention has been appreciated. I've talked to several people within the department that you placed and have worked with. They all agree!!

To Whom It May Concern:
In this letter I would like to state that I greatly recommend the employment of Mr. Mike Vineyard's recruiting services in the search for employment. Mr. Vineyard worked diligently and attentively with me and the employer with whom I was seeking employment. At first, he worked with me so that he could understand what kind of employment I sought. He then helped me by setting up interviews with employers who sought my skills. Before I went on my first interview, he helped me with the interview process. He offered several pages of ideas on how one should act during an interview. These were very helpful since they helped me be prepared and more relaxed for the interview. Once I got the offer from the employer, Mr. vineyard helped in the negotiations for compensation. This has always been a hard paid for me in seeking employment; but Mr. Vineyard was so easy to talk to, I told him what I wanted and he was very successful in negotiating the amount for me. The hardest part of this whole experience was letting my employer know I was leaving. Mr. Vineyard gave me several tips from writing the resignation letter to meeting with my soon to be former employer. All in all, Mr. Vineyard helped me so much that he made this experience in job seeking the easiest one I have ever had. I highly recommend (and even that is not a strong enough statement) that Mr. Vineyard's abilities and expertise be employed as a recruiter. I would use his services in a heartbeat should I ever be in the market for employment again. Sincerely,

Mr. Mike Vineyard
15810 Park Ten Place Ste. 255
TX 77084

Mr. Vineyard,
Thank-you very much for your assistance with my job placement. Without a doubt, working with you was by far the easiest process I have encountered for a career search, and your industry and company knowledge, made my decision even easier. With your advice, I am now building my career path with a solid company that has many opportunities for advancement. I will definitely keep in contact with you over the upcoming years and recommend your services to contacts, peers and friends. Once again, I appreciate your hard work, knowledge and effort. If there is anyway I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call. Let me know how I can help?
Account Manager

Hi Mike,

It has been a while almost 3 months since I started here at XXXX, and it has been great.  I have already had the chance to go support a couple of tools in Latin America, and I will be heading down there again.  Once again I wanted to thank you and your team for guiding me to make this decision, the right decision.